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Hey there, I'm Dr. Anne Waple. I'm glad you found us! 

As a climate scientist, I have spent a lot of my career sharing future scenarios that don't look very pretty. We have lots of challenges - from species loss, to social injustice, to climate extremes, and we all need to be part of the solution. And yet, when all we see are images of destruction, violence, wildfires, and floods, we feel powerless, overwhelmed, and hopeless. it's become clear that we actually can't solve problems by ONLY focusing on problems. We also have to know and be inspired by what we are driving towards (not just what we are trying to avoid.)  

I have worked with national governments, federal agencies, businesses, cities, states, nonprofits, and foundations. I've given hundreds of presentations and talks, and what I've learned is this: fear about the future (and even worse, shame about who's to blame for it) doesn't work. 

So Earth's Next Chapter was created to inspire us towards creating more of what we DO want, solving our challenges as we travel that path. 

Coaching & Mentoring

One of the best investments I have ever made in my career and life is to work with a mentor/coach. A coach can help you find clarity, kickstart real momentum, provide accountability, and also get you connected to others in your field. All with the goals of doing work that's aligned with who you are, has the impact you want to make, balances competing demands, and supports your financial goals. 

I specialize in mentoring professionals in the environmental and social impact fields from early career professionals, to mid-career transitions, and also executive coaching.

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Consulting & Courses

With over 25 years of experience in climate services, ENC specializes in consulting with businesses and organizations to help enhance their existing climate programs/actions or to get started. We also offer short courses to help get people off and running on climate knowledge and action. From the signature 'Resident Climate Scientist' program, to a short three-part 'Climate Essentials for Small Business' course, the ultimate goal is to help organizations keep doing what they're best at, while also doing good for the community and the planet.  

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Daily Posts and Conversation


Every day, over at the Earth's Next Chapter Newsletter, there is an article exploring an aspect of our environment, policy, or about living more intentionally.

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People, Planet, Place

The three themes of Earth's Next Chapter


The reason why people are the first and central category of Earth's Next Chapter is because at over 7.5 billion people on the planet, we are already the dominant force of change. We're already writing Earth's Chapter. What we do matters. To ensure we write a next chapter that works for all of us, we need to understand what's really important to us as we take care of each other, foster social connection, and develop our social and economic systems (including technology) to support people, planet, and places. 


Planet is all about our environment and resources: air, water, plants and animals, energy, oceans, climate, habitat, culturally important ecosystems, and equally important: beauty.

Our planet is an intricately connected system and as we dig deeper with what matters to us as we write Earth's Next Chapter, the layers of our environment we rely on and appreciate become ever clearer.


This is where we live, where we work, and where we visit. Whether you live a big city, as many of us do, or a small town or village, an informal settlement on the edge of a city, a houseboat on a river, or tucked away in a remote, rural area, this is where People and Planet actually coincide. This is where we often connect to each other best and have the most impact. Place connects us to our environment and it's where our social and economic systems are most noticeable. 


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