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Climate Consulting

Threaded through Earth's Next Chapters' three themes of People, Planet, and Places is climate and climate change. With over 25 years of experience in climate services, ENC specializes in consulting with businesses and organizations to help enhance their existing climate programs/actions or to get one started. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations do well financially while doing good for the community and the planet.  

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ENC-Pro membership is now open! Initially for climate, social impact, and sustainability professionals (with a broader, public option to launch in July 2021), membership in ENC-Pro combines the latest technical/professional information with help managing how we work: how to thrive, have fun, stay inspired, lead, be productive, and sustain ourselves even while we provide sustainable solutions to others. 

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People, Planet, Place

The three themes of Earth's Next Chapter


The reason why people are the first and central category of Earth's Next Chapter is because at over 7.5 billion people on the planet, we are already the dominant force of change. We're already writing Earth's Chapter. What we do matters. To ensure we write a next chapter that works for all of us, we need to understand what's really important to us as we take care of each other, foster social connection, and develop our social and economic systems (including technology) to support people, planet, and places. 


Planet is all about our environment and resources: air, water, plants and animals, energy, oceans, climate, habitat, culturally important ecosystems, and equally important: beauty.

Our planet is an intricately connected system and as we dig deeper with what matters to us as we write Earth's Next Chapter, the layers of our environment we rely on and appreciate become ever clearer.


This is where we live, where we work, and where we visit. Whether you live a big city, as many of us do, or a small town or village, an informal settlement on the edge of a city, a houseboat on a river, or tucked away in a remote, rural area, this is where People and Planet actually coincide. This is where we often connect best and have the most impact. Place connects us to our environment and it's where our social and economic systems are most noticeable. 

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