About Earth's Next Chapter



This planet is an amazing place. And its people and places are fascinating and vibrant. 

It's easy to forget that as we're bombarded by images and stories of loss and destruction. Those stories and images are real, and we need to acknowledge them and work towards stopping negative impacts - caused by us, corporations, governments, and more. 

But just because images of destruction and stories of loss make for a compelling political or media sound bite, doesn't mean that it's the whole story. Earth's Next Chapter will be written as much by enhancing our positive impacts as by only preventing the negative. So what ARE those positive changes - where are they, who's leading them, how do we support them? And what else do we need to know to keep connected to and inspired by this beautiful place we call home? That's what Earth's Next Chapter is all about. Our future story isn't yet written - we get to write it together. Please join us.  


ENC works in two main ways:

Coaching and Mentoring: Specializing in climate, sustainability, and social impact professionals. These are world-changers and passionate pros. We help them get clear on their goals, find their authentic voice and purpose, and to build real momentum every week. We also connect them to great networks and support them in having a bit more fun with their work, so that they're at their most balanced, creative, and productive (and avoid burnout!). We do this through 1:1 coaching, and through courses and group programs. 

Climate Consulting and Courses: Specializing in nonprofits. We work with organizations to develop their own knowledge base and educate their constituencies. Our main way of doing this is through a Climate Scientist In Residence program, but we also have webinars and mini courses, such as our Climate Essentials program.  

We take an integrated approach to writing Earth’s Next Chapter. It’s not just about supporting smart actions, but exploring new knowledge, and understanding HOW we take action and WHO we are becoming - what does a sustainable next chapter look like in all respects: people, planet, and places? 

Thank you for being here and making this a part of YOUR next chapter.