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Check out the options below - these are currently our main ways of working with clients. However, if you don't see what you need, tell us more! We do also consider custom consulting.

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Resident Climate Scientist 

This is our signature program and we only offer a few a year. If your organization or your clients depend on you demonstrating knowledge and leadership in climate and sustainability then this option gives you unlimited access for a year. This allows us to continually support your leadership, your voice, and boost your in-house expertise. Customizable options include tailored trainings and workshops, writing/editing articles for you and your clients, briefings to the Board, regular updates on new or changing information tailored to your organization.  

We only do a handful of these Resident Climate Scientist roles a year so we can fully focus on your industry, and we never accept clients that might be competing with each other in any given year. 

Quick Start Climate Consult

If you're not sure what you're looking for and don't think the option above is quite right, then consider signing up for a Quick Start Climate Consult. You can tap into 25 years of science and planning experience and we spend 90 minutes together really digging into your organization and its goals around climate. Whether you have strategic/planning questions, or have a specific climate issue, or if you need to be pointed to resources or expertise, we can usually cover a lot of ground. And sometimes this is all a client needs. 

You will be sent a form ahead of time so we can prep and make the most of the time. And you'll leave with actionable steps, a recording of the call, and a written summary. 

The investment for the QSCC is only $397. And if you decide that you would like additional support, this cost will be applied to any other consulting option we offer. Click here for more info and to get on the schedule!

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