You're changing the world.

This community is here to cheer you on, give you space to breathe, and help you make your biggest impact while living a great life. 

In many ways, our community of climate, social impact, and sustainability professionals has never been more vibrant or celebrated. (Though admittedly, this might be a low bar relative to the last 20 years of'celebrated'?!)

Of course, the fact that we are in a 'growth industry' is also the result of more environmental and social injustice and more habitat destruction than ever before.

It sometimes seems like the work is neverending and our professional impact is small. 

It's not, of course. Our impact is large and critical. But it can feel a little (a lot?) overwhelming. 

So this ENC-Pro community is about recognizing that we need a place to:

  • share wins and celebrate success! 
  • be reminded that life outside of work is important too - how we stay present and re-charge ourselves is crucial (for our work as well as ourselves)
  • share new ideas and explore the big picture - not just the daily problems we're trying to solve
  • step away from the chaos and the 'bad news' and to replenish and remotivate ourselves
  • be colleagues. It can be hard to connect with others in this partially-remote work world. Sometimes we just need to be able to laugh and connect with like-minded people 

In ENC-Pro, we have scientists, activists, writers and authors, consultants, nonprofit leaders, technical specialists, business owners, students, and lots of different backgrounds and specialties. 

It's not about where you work or your specific role. It's about doing your best planet-changing work with a group of people who believe we can ALSO live a good life, with a decent salary, spend time with family, and have fun. 

And we will. Have fun. 

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As a member of Earth's Next Chapter Pro, you will be able to:

Join our Monday Momentum Club!

This is about starting the week off with a win. 

Join your colleagues for a zoom-based coworking sprint for two hours. We start by sharing our intentions for the two hours with each other. Then we hit mute and work in two short 45-minute sprints. Then we come back together to celebrate what we've accomplished! It's amazing what can happen with some fun and productive accountability.

People have started businesses, launched national campaigns, finished books, all in our little two hour Monday Momentum Club.   

'Network and Noodle' once a month

This is a time to catch up with colleagues, discuss new opportunities, and support each other.

We nearly always have a loose theme (to noodle on) derived from our Productivity, Play, and Pause series, but this is a group-driven time to network and step back from the day-to-day chaos.

Grab a cup of coffee and catch up with your fave colleagues.  


*No actual noodles will be provided. 

Explore the 'Productivity, Play, and Pause' weekly series

This is a little bit of coaching in your pocket.

Each week there will be articles, videos, or audio designed to bring you back to balance, motivation, and clarity. We all want to make a difference, but sometimes we're SO busy trying to do more, that we miss opportunities to do better. Or we want to take on new roles, but don't know where to start. Or, we're so focused on our work that forget how to chill, or take care of ourselves - critical components of a happy AND successful life. The articles will be concise, but full of nuggets to put into practice.   

Join the ENC-Pro Bookclub!

Don't worry - this is not a high-pressure-homework-style-read-or-be-cast-out kind of bookclub!

It's every other month (we understand there are other things you also like to read). It's a chance to explore some ideas and inspirations for living a rich and impactful life dedicated to serving people, planet, and places. And of course, being a good steward of Earth's Next Chapter most often involves developing a better understanding our own next chapters. 

Attend two retreats a year

Not a conference. A retreat. :-)

This is a chance, twice a year, to step out of the swirl. It's a time to reconnect, take a breath, have some fun, and also rediscover your own motivations and goals.

These retreats will share a few tools and methods for ensuring WE also get as much out of our work and life as the people we serve.  And did I mention we'll also have fun?!

In 2022, our first retreat will be online, but then we're hoping to hold a safe, in-person retreat in beautiful Asheville, NC in October. 


Join the private online forum

Sort of like a breakroom but without the burnt coffee smell.

Between our calls, you can check into our private online forum. There will posts from me and opportunities for you to share your weekly goals, your questions, your celebrations, or just your puppy pictures. 

We definitely need your puppy pictures.

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