The world needs you.  

You want to have an impact - to support our planetary health, our human future, and equitable, thriving communities.

Your impact on the world starts with you.  

Coaching and mentoring at ENC helps you get clear on your goals, develop your confidence and your network, and supports you with skills and strategies so that you can write Earth's Next Chapter while you also create and enjoy your own next chapter. 

There are three ways to work with us:

Your Personal Mentor 

Three or six-month options with a fully-tailored program designed for your particular goals. 
  • Mentoring for Executives so that you can elevate you, your team, and your impact.
  • Mid-career resets or transitions so that you reclaim some energy for your work or move into work you've been wanting to pursue.
  • Early career coaching and mentoring so that you find a path that's fulfilling and aligned with you and your goals, and you get the network that will help you evolve throughout your working life. 
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Coaching Programs

These are shorter-term, usually group options, that help you get clear, get re-energized and realigned,  and give you the spark, the confidence, and the tools to take the next step.  

Often these programs also connect you with a community of like-minded peeps who will continue to be your friends and network long after the program is complete.

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A Year of Mentorship

Especially for early career professionals or those in career transition, this year-long group program will help you explore your ideal path, get you better connected to an aligned network, develop your competencies, and launch into fun and fulfilling work. 
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Hey There!

I'm Anne Waple, and if you know me already, you know coaching with me will be a lot of fun, even while we do serious work. 

I started my career as a climate scientist, but throughout my work in academia, the federal government, nonprofits, and now the private sector, I have always sought to learn, connect, and translate. In navigating those sectors, I have risen from analyst to chief of multi-million dollar programs to Acting President of a national organization. I've worked with dozens of clients (big and small), and built a successful consulting business.  And I want to share what I've learned along the way - from the magical to the mundane - including the mistakes I've made (I mean, there have been hardly any obviously, but I can recall one or....two?)

One thing I know from experience, is that having a coach can make THE difference in your success, your practices, and ultimately your happiness. It was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself and my business. A coach can encourage you to step forward when you might otherwise hesitate, can provide accountability, and help you meld solid strategy with a healthy mindset, allowing you to elevate your work while you bring your most authentic self to the party. 

And this particular coach is totally IN for that party :-)